Human rights and peace are of great concern of many including students. In fact, there are students from different parts of the world who wrote their own diary about peace. And the Peace Diaries are a collaboration among children of different races, cultures and creeds. From eight different countries, they shared their diaries and is combined into a book. This book is available to the public. Actually, Peace Diaries is also said to be an international education programme which was developed by a non-profit organization.

Around the world, the classrooms work through advanced Internet Technology and they collaborate on projects that produce educational content. Also, global dialogue and commentary for publication is included. The work of students who contributed to the Peace Diaries were showcased even through the radio programmes. The Peace Diaries which is a book about human rights and peace was created. The students mentioned about their fears, concerns, and hope for peace. As terrorist attacks are occurring frequently these days, it is good for students to express their feelings and thoughts.

Students from eight different countries shared their fears, concerns, and hopes for peace through writing. As the Volume One of the book was already published and is available to the public, there is an upcoming project on Peace Diaries which is the Volume Two. It is all about cultivating peace. This publication is designed to help students develop peacemaking capacities. They are to base it in the context of topics presented at the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development or WSSD conference.